dynamic and professional profile.

ON Design is founded in 2006 by master landscape architect and urban design specialist Asst. Prof. Oktan Nalbantoğlu with a modernist and creative design approach for ecological based, sustainable and accessible city development. ON Design has established around the purpose of making the physical environments we live in more livable and aims to create easily accessible projects especially for disadvantageous groups, elderly people and children with landscape architecture, architectural and urban design scales and approaches as a whole. ON Design, which is managed by two centers, Istanbul and Ankara, serves with its professional staff of 40 people in urban design, landscape architecture, and architecture sector.

designing for the future.

ON Design, which invests in human, service and product quality with its structure capable of offering strong and creative solutions far from ordinariness, takes the place in the world of design with seeking for functional, durable and economical solutions, combining traditional places with contemporary design techniques and designing ecologically based, sustainable and identity cities.

ON Design advocates the importance of careful conservation and development of structures, spaces, and lifestyles that provide the urban identity for original identities of cities, and to transfer them to future generations. It is vital importance for us to design sustainable cities of the future according to planning policies and design approaches with vivid and strong cultural heritage, urban memory, historic city centers, squares, streets and traditional neighborhoods. Consideration of social dynamics, sustainable urban development, ecological sustainability, the creation of memory-protective and livable spaces, unhindered access by disadvantaged groups (handicapped, elders, and children), uninterrupted pedestrian access and continuous green texture are the key words for our projects. Today, one of the most important requirements of sustainable projects and sustainable urbanism is to be able to produce ecologically sensitive projects. Topics such as landscape ecology, natural asset management, ecological footprints, conservation biology, ecological balance, ecosystem health, repair ecology and permaculture and the principle of "the geography of the area is the guide" is the determinant of the conceptual approaches of ON Design.

user - focused vision.

ON Design is a design firm that produces urban design projects in a real sense and captures fluid transitions between the different scales required by urban design. Large-scale urban design and renovation projects, urban transformation, residential and mass housing areas, commercial use spaces, health complexes, education campuses, urban squares, pedestrian zones, street rehabilitation projects, architectural facade rehabilitation, recreation areas, theme parks, urban parks, sports fields, children's playgrounds, coastal / shore strips, tourism-oriented plans, transportation network landscape projects such as airports – highways, historical-cultural and industrial heritage sites and sanctuaries, we have produced up to now, it is an indication of the scale, conceptual, contextual and spatial diversity of ON Design. ON Design analyzes the project planning services including master plan, concept, final, application project, detail-system analysis, budget estimate - bill of quantities and technical specifications in the process of these projects. Our company has been working on creative, research-oriented and practical experiences that meet the needs of the times since its foundation. ON Design, which pursues global climate and urbanization policies, aims to integrate the ability to relate to building and environment with the value of the city and creates space with the acceptance that landscape architecture and architecture is in service of the society and humanity in professional life, has adopted the concept of innovation in design. Our goal is to develop sustainable designs that use the basic principles of ecology as peace with people and nature, to develop the boundaries of project production and produce sustainable solutions that make a difference.